Sharp your arrows – Archer Tower Guide

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It is important to have a good defense in Clash of clans and one of most reliable structures in the beginning of the game is, for sure – archer Tower. It has its advantage in comparation to Cannon and other defensive structures, and if you learn the proper placement tehniqu, and if you know how to defend your Archer Tower from certain types of enemies you can create solid base defense at the beginning of your Clash of Clans experience. In this short article, we will try to explain few important tips, like clash of clans hack, that you should know if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your defense.

Let us star but describing basic characteristics of Archer Tower. First thing that you will notice is, ceranlt the ability of Tower to hit both kind of units in the game, namely ground and flying units. In that sense Archer Tower is more usefull then Cannon, because Cannon can attack only ground units and it is vulnerable to any aerial attacks. Archer Tower can target and hit only one target at the time, with relatively high impact of 1 hit per second. With each upgrade,

Archer Tower will increase the amount of damage and the range of attack. All those characteristics are making Archer Tower to be one of the best all-around solutions for creating sustainable defense in Clash of Clans. But, Archer Tower is not perfect, it has certain weakness that we must neutralize. The problem with Archer Tower is a fact that it can be very easily destroyed by huge number of enemies, specially Goblins and Barbarians. Archer Tower can target only one unit at the time, which makes it extremely vulnerable to mass attack.

The solution to this problem is to place Archer tower near Mortar or Wizard that will give necessary protection by dealing splash area damage. From other side Archer Tower will give additional protection from any aerial attacks. Creating such synergy is very important and it is prerequisite of successful defense in the game. To build additional Archer Towers you will need 3×3 empty space and some resources. Another usefull trick that you may use to save your Tower from endless Barbarian hordes is to place a walls around your Tower, that will provide you with additional protection. we are hoping that you enjoyed in our short introduction to Archer Tower in Clash of Clans.

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Downsides to Excessive Videogaming in Teens

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Playing video games does have its upsides. It helps us pass the time, it gives us hours and hours of enjoyment, it can help people get more organized, it can help people concentrate, etc. But, like everything in life, too much of something can be devastating for the person doing it. That is why it is always the best to be moderate in everything in your life, video games included. This article will tell you why that is so, and why you should sometimes listen to your mother when she tells you to “get away from that computer”.

teen videogamingThe very first problem comes with the violence. Video games nowadays are full of violence, and not only video games, but or television, as well as movies. It seems as if the people have grown so accustomed with the violence, that they don’t mind seeing it; and some people even want to have more of it. Well, this is where the downside of excessive videogaming kicks in, because it has been proven that the exposure to violence in the video games make teens have trouble from understanding what is good, and what is bad. They have already seen so mush bad stuff, and because they are not fully formed personalities yet, they just can’t tell it that thing they’ve seen is good or bad.

Then, there is the problem of staying in the room all day long playing those games. It is not healthy for a teen to stay locked up for most of the day; and it seems that, if there was no school, they would never leave their room. This limits the contact they have with the real world that is out there, which can make them alienated from other people, and afraid of human interaction.

Another reason why playing video games can be bad is because excessive gaming might… well, it might dumb the teens down a bit. It certainly won’t make them vegetables, but this constant gaming can delay their emotional development, and could make them not able to feel empathy. This is a really big deal, and especially for the teens who should use those years to improve themselves, because those are the years they turn themselves into the people they are going to be for the rest of their lives.

teen videogaming

Also, excessive gaming could make those teens not be able to see the world from their point of view, but will always seek someone else’s. Apart from that, they will never learn to do things by themselves, because they will keep waiting for some instructions, like they get in video games.

Based on all the things we have seen here, no parent should ever let their child spend their entire day playing video games, and not doing anything else. Sure, playing games for some time is fun and great, but excessive playing could turn their children into people they never wanted them to be. However, good news is that it can still be stopped; the parents just need to intervene and explain everything to their children.

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