The magic of the Tearaway

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Media Molecule offers use of the DualShock 4, in Unfolded Tearaway, which I honestly did not expect. The possibilities of free psn codes and command become organic in the world of Tearaway Unfolded, and make us forget that the game was designed for another console. Now, with the “light” of the DualShock 4 we can illuminate the stage in some levels-to alter the environment or lure enemies away from hero towards defeat.

The touch panel serves to launch blows, or if we press it to make vibration and launch character into the air. Tearaway exudes personality, and also offers some beautiful pictures.Another new, very curious feature is that Atoi can throw objects at the screen, which you can “collect” with the DualShock 4. If you shake the controller, you can pick the object as if it were inside. Then you can point at the screen and throw it to different areas. The “cuts” we did with the PS Vita screen touch panel also passed to the command, and they are more precise than you can imagine. The interaction is constant and natural at all times, and never look artificial.We may also use a tablet and “companion application” of the game to interact with it.

In case you have already played it and are thinking of replay, it is important to note that there is much, much new content. Media Molecule says that one third of the game is new, and it is best that is integrated into the original world. So, you have the feeling slowly rediscovering the original adventure with new controls and new content. We thought it was a clever way to extend the adventure, and it sometimes works all so natural that we have even wondered how developers managed to integrate all such elements. All elements in the game are very nicely blended together, in unique mixture of excellent atmosphere. The game will entertain you on unique way if you spend some time in understanding basic rules and moves.

Visually, Tearaway Unfolded moves at 1080p and 60 frames per second. They have improved many aspects of the stage. Now everything is richer in detail, and if we see the textures closely, you will see that many elements have a huge resolution, imitating recycled paper. We need more games like Tearaway Unfolded. Tearaway is made with love, with the sole intention to make the player happy, to make it fun and enjoy in the pure gameplay.

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Penarium for PlayStation 4

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Team17 and Self Made Miracle indie offer a 100% free psn codes proposal to the older users and PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers. This proposal is under the name of Penarium a title that recalls the old days of 8-bit … hidden with all what that entails. A boy named Willy is the great protagonist of this platformer kind of circus. Bored to lead a life as a farmer, Willy is deceived by a master of a little “special” circus. Especially, as this character is cruelly deceived into believing that as hero he will spend an exciting day at the circus … to end up being a rather cruel object of really entertaining show.

The proposal offered by this title cannot be simpler. Campaign mode, which becomes the principal, urges us to get out alive from the anxieties of a particular circus and his insatiable public.The gameplay is quite simply, jumping from side to side of a fixed stage without side-scrolling connected between both sides and dodging all the traps. Thirty levels are divided into three distinct zones that will test your reflexes. From farmer to circus star by accident, these 2D production platforms will not go into the records of videogames, because this production is one of those in which costs pass expectations of the development.

The game is very demanding, each jump must be measured with near pinpoint accuracy, especially from the second half of the game, where the traps and obstacles are lethal. Guided missiles, knives, guns or lasers are some of the obstacles that we should gradually overcome. And all this while performing any of the tasks like chasing balloons, explode barrels or pressing a switch in the form of buttons of different colors. 2D gameplay in 8 bits form will surely catch the followers of this type of proposal but also as novice or inexperienced users. On the other hand, the multiplayer offers one-on-one anthology in his role Versus (though we miss the presence of a greater number of participants); while also allowing us to overcome cooperative challenges. You will once again enjoy in 2d environment in its full glory, where 8 bit graphics still is one of the best ways to create truly gaming experience. Penarium for PlayStation 4 offers a challenging platformer made for experienced users. Traditional 2D gameplay, precise control and very simple graphics are its main pillars, so well integrated modes of play and a touch of humor makes this game real deal.

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Fifa 16, tricks you need…

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FIFA is back! With the return of one of the major sports franchises in the world it is time to start to dominate the online options known as FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Players in your template letters are presented in bronze, gold and silver, so if you want to play as a professional you should know the fifa 16 points generator and skill set of the gold in particular, will lead the team since the beginning.

Possession of the ball

The artificial intelligence in FIFA 16 defends very well, so it’s normal that some users are very bad in keeping possession of the ball. If that is your case, the first thing you have to do is stop pressing on the sprint. The truth is that most players tend to run the ball, but this can be a big mistake. Try to pass the ball often and wait till your fellow rise in attack and you will obtain the ball to keep possession longer.

Attack with criteria

There are several ways to attack in FIFA 16. You can focus the area; defend and leave far behind the counter; shoot from outside the area or even a wall near rivals. There is no better or worse way to attack, but you have to take into account the context of the team. Moreover, if your players are slow, it will not be easy to break out the defense. Be smart when attacking and play with the strengths of your team.

Tactics for Success

Formations and tactics of FIFA 16 are more important than the players think. For example, users often complain that the team is far behind that always makes mistakes in the line of offside or no support at the front and the funny thing is that all this can change in tactics equipment. Invest a little time to adjust the model you want to use and probably thoroughly you will find your style of play.

Unlock the free content

Do you have realized that you gain points each time you complete something in FIFA ? Well, there is one place where you can spend them. In fact, from the main menu you can access by pressing R3 the catalog of items, where you can unlock coins to FUT, alternative kits, new celebrations, tips for career mode and several bonus balls, and all fully unlockable for free with points FIFA that you succeed playing.

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Most common errors in Clash of Clans

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You know what are the 4 Mistakes to that you should absolutely avoid in Clash of Clans?This post is meant for beginners and for those who have just started to play Clash of Clans, clash of clans hack. It will show you all of the most common mistakes that players often make when they start to play this game. However, I think these tips are always valid, even for those who play for a long time.

  1. Do not build your village close to the corners of the map

This is the most common mistake. The worst idea that you can see and do in Clash of Clans! The enemy can use the dark green square next to the sides of the map to have your units and destroy you in a flash:

  1. Build up the walls

Many beginners think that if you have multiple layers of walls, their village will be more difficult to be destroyed, and that all enemy troops will need to break down the walls to attack the village. Wrong!I must confess that when I started playing Clash of Clans, I committed this mistake I also common. This strategy in theory is not bad, but it is only effective against the Barbarians, the Archers and other troops to single target. Moreover the enemy can use Crashwall to destroy the various layers of the walls easily and quickly.

  1. Surround your village with the Walls

Another common mistake that we see every day in Clash of Clans. Many players build a large square composed the walls and inside the village. Enemies will pulverize effortlessly, to break even with only Wall Breakers rage and cheerfully will destroy your village. And if you’re not careful, you may also leave a small gap between walls, and this could be your downfall because if our opponent realizes it, he will have his troops deployed at that point.

  1. Update the Town Hall too quickly:

Do not rush in updating your Town Hall! For several reasons, many players think that you can just upgrade your Town Hall is a good strategy in Clash of Clash. But no, it is not! First of all you need to update all your defenses, then the rest, and finally the Town Hall.

Those were 4 most commonly made mistakes in Clash of Clans1 If you are new player in the game, avoid them and you will be on the safe side!

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Transformers – Devastation Xbox Review

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If you are a fan of famous television serie Transformers you will probably enjoy in this new videogame about saving entire universe. It seems that developers manage to meet expectations of many fans of this series by placing interesting characters into the game.

The game is available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One by free xbox live codes, so developers really tried to cover all over consoles at the moment. We tested this game on Xbox 360, so let’s go with the most important and most fascinating thing about this game-action! As a title is suggesting, the game is filled with action, Devastation sound really great. Your characters in the game will be able use different kind of moves, some of them will be ranged while others will be more focused on close combat. The game offers a huge variety of different abilities and combos that you may perform, such as heavy and like attacks and finally, powerfull transformation. By transforming you will be able to shape yourself into various vehicles that will give you additional skills and abilities. Developers placed a lot of advanced system and mechanics in those framework.

Probably the greatest addition to this game is framed  time, especially concept that is made for this game. The actual concept is a special movement that slows down entire time and give you some space to dodge different attacks. This is very interesting concept, that works very well in the game. As you may expect, the game offers little exploration, which is mostly old with missions in the game. The missions are mostly linear by structure, but at some points they are giving a little bit of separate quests that you can choose. And some short sequences, a game is turning to some kind of puzzle solving the game, when you are suppose to so different puzzles in order to continue with your adventure.

Enemies in the game are coming in all forms and shapes, so you can expect real feast for your fighting abilities! Some of encounters are not so easy, so be prepare to react on time and use your special transforming abilities in such battles. The game offers some basic upgrading system, so more or less you are supposed to relly on your proper aiming and reflexes. As a conclusion we may say that Transformers – Devastation is really solid game that will make your Xbox experience more enjoyable.

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Sharp your arrows – Archer Tower Guide

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It is important to have a good defense in Clash of clans and one of most reliable structures in the beginning of the game is, for sure – archer Tower. It has its advantage in comparation to Cannon and other defensive structures, and if you learn the proper placement tehniqu, and if you know how to defend your Archer Tower from certain types of enemies you can create solid base defense at the beginning of your Clash of Clans experience. In this short article, we will try to explain few important tips, like clash of clans hack, that you should know if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your defense.

Let us star but describing basic characteristics of Archer Tower. First thing that you will notice is, ceranlt the ability of Tower to hit both kind of units in the game, namely ground and flying units. In that sense Archer Tower is more usefull then Cannon, because Cannon can attack only ground units and it is vulnerable to any aerial attacks. Archer Tower can target and hit only one target at the time, with relatively high impact of 1 hit per second. With each upgrade,

Archer Tower will increase the amount of damage and the range of attack. All those characteristics are making Archer Tower to be one of the best all-around solutions for creating sustainable defense in Clash of Clans. But, Archer Tower is not perfect, it has certain weakness that we must neutralize. The problem with Archer Tower is a fact that it can be very easily destroyed by huge number of enemies, specially Goblins and Barbarians. Archer Tower can target only one unit at the time, which makes it extremely vulnerable to mass attack.

The solution to this problem is to place Archer tower near Mortar or Wizard that will give necessary protection by dealing splash area damage. From other side Archer Tower will give additional protection from any aerial attacks. Creating such synergy is very important and it is prerequisite of successful defense in the game. To build additional Archer Towers you will need 3×3 empty space and some resources. Another usefull trick that you may use to save your Tower from endless Barbarian hordes is to place a walls around your Tower, that will provide you with additional protection. we are hoping that you enjoyed in our short introduction to Archer Tower in Clash of Clans.

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Downsides to Excessive Videogaming in Teens

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Playing video games does have its upsides. It helps us pass the time, it gives us hours and hours of enjoyment, it can help people get more organized, it can help people concentrate, etc. But, like everything in life, too much of something can be devastating for the person doing it. That is why it is always the best to be moderate in everything in your life, video games included. This article will tell you why that is so, and why you should sometimes listen to your mother when she tells you to “get away from that computer”.

teen videogamingThe very first problem comes with the violence. Video games nowadays are full of violence, and not only video games, but or television, as well as movies. It seems as if the people have grown so accustomed with the violence, that they don’t mind seeing it; and some people even want to have more of it. Well, this is where the downside of excessive videogaming kicks in, because it has been proven that the exposure to violence in the video games make teens have trouble from understanding what is good, and what is bad. They have already seen so mush bad stuff, and because they are not fully formed personalities yet, they just can’t tell it that thing they’ve seen is good or bad.

Then, there is the problem of staying in the room all day long playing those games. It is not healthy for a teen to stay locked up for most of the day; and it seems that, if there was no school, they would never leave their room. This limits the contact they have with the real world that is out there, which can make them alienated from other people, and afraid of human interaction.

Another reason why playing video games can be bad is because excessive gaming might… well, it might dumb the teens down a bit. It certainly won’t make them vegetables, but this constant gaming can delay their emotional development, and could make them not able to feel empathy. This is a really big deal, and especially for the teens who should use those years to improve themselves, because those are the years they turn themselves into the people they are going to be for the rest of their lives.

teen videogaming

Also, excessive gaming could make those teens not be able to see the world from their point of view, but will always seek someone else’s. Apart from that, they will never learn to do things by themselves, because they will keep waiting for some instructions, like they get in video games.

Based on all the things we have seen here, no parent should ever let their child spend their entire day playing video games, and not doing anything else. Sure, playing games for some time is fun and great, but excessive playing could turn their children into people they never wanted them to be. However, good news is that it can still be stopped; the parents just need to intervene and explain everything to their children.

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